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The garni La Baita is situated in Val di Zoldo (Belluno), immersed in the beauty of the Dolomites, also known as the "pale mountains".
The Dolomites are a natural wonder, an enchanting variety of landscapes, pastures and woods of beeches, red spruces, larches and Scotch pines. Over 2000 m (6561 ft) the trees become sparser, the vegetation changes to shrubs and mugo pines and then to a thick carpet of lichens and moss, finishing with bare rock at 3000 m (9842 ft).
The unique features, shape and beauty of the Dolomites Dolomites meant they were declared a UNESCO natural heritage site in 2009.
At sunrise and sunset, the Dolomites undergo a magical transformation: the pale colour of the limestone formations turns the dolomite rock at pink-red, in vivid contrast to the intense blue of the sky and the brilliance of the clouds and the snow.
The major peaks in Val di Zoldo are Civetta (3220 m / 10564 ft), Pelmo (3168 m / 10393 ft) and Moiazza (2878 m / 9442 ft), while Cima del Tàmer (2547 m / 8356 ft), San Sebastiano (2488 m / 8162 ft), Sasso di Bosconero (2468 m / 8097 ft) and Spiz di Mezzodì (2324 m / 7624 ft) are also particularly prominent.
The most well-known and easily spotted animals of the rich fauna in Zoldo are deer, roe deer, chamois, foxes, hares, marmots, badgers and the majestic golden eagle, just one of the wide range of local species of bird.
Val di Zoldo is the ideal place to spend time immersed in unspoilt nature and to experience its magic and charm.

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