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Tourists who are not so keen on sport have discovered an enjoyable way to hike in winter by using snowshoes. Invented in the remote past, snowshoes were used by native North Americans when hunting and by nomads of the Arctic regions when moving from one location to the other. They were adopted by Europeans living in the regions of what would become Canada and were also used by the mountain, wood gathering peoples of the Alps area.
The old traditional snowshoes, made of wood and tied to the foot with a rope, have now become light metal or plastic items which can be easily fastened to normal mountain boots.
The technique is so simple to learn that it now has followers of every age, from children to the elderly, and has thus become the ideal physical activity for whole families and for children with grandparents, while the others go skiing.
Starting not far from the garni, the different scenic routes lead through snowy woods to the base of Monte Civetta or flank the massif of Monte Pelmo. The itineraries are of different grades of difficulty and satisfy the expectations of the skilled, less skilled and beginners.

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